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 Spring months are March, April and May. The days become longer and the nights become shorter. The sun shines more brightly and snow begi melt|Usually the sky is blueiand cloudless but sometimes it rains. There are storms with thunder and lightni May. The birds return from the south and build their nests.

The first spring flowers like snowdrops, mimosa, tulips, lilac, mayflowers, daffodils begin to appear everyw The buds on the trees and bushes are opening. The leaves turn green; there is green grass on the ground, fruit trees blossom in May.

It is warm in spring; the average temperature is from +5°C to +10°C degrees above zero. So children grown-ups put their jackets, raincoats and caps on. When the weather is rainy they put raincoats; rubber on and take their umbrellas. In spring children enjoy their spring holidays to the 1-st of April.

Farmers begin to work in the fields. It is time to pjant trees and bushes. Schoolchildren make house birds. When the weather is fine, boys can play football. Nature is especially beautiful in spring.

We celebrate a lot of holidays in spring-the International Women’s Day, May Day, Easter, Victory/


Summer is the hottest season of the year. June, July and August are summer months.

The average temperature is from +20°C to +30°C degrees above zero.

We have the longest days and the shortest nights in summer. It often rains but the rains are short, sho\ are warm. There are storms with thunder and lightning. The trees and bushes are green. Summer is ‘the se of flowers. We can enjoy the beauty of camomiles, dandelions, lilies, dahlias, bluebells, gladioluses.

There are a lot of different berries, fruit and vegetables. Children enjoy their summer vacations to the 1 September, so they can cycle, bathe, bask, swim, yacht, play football, volley-ball or go fishing.

People wear their summer clothes .The weather is hot in summer so people spend much time at the seash on the banks of the rivers and lakes. Summer is the best time to have a rest.


After summer autumn comes. September, October and November are autumn months.

The days get shorter and the nights become longer. The sky is often cloudy, it is a rainy season. As weather is changeable in autumn, people put raincoats, rubber boots on and take their umbrellas

The average temperature in autumn is from +8° C to +12° C degrees above zero.-

Birds fly away to the south to come back in spring. Autumn is very beautiful at the beginning when gr brown, red leaves are falling down from the trees and cover the ground with a coloured carpet.

Autumn flowers are asters, chrysanthemums. Some sunny days in late September are called “Indian Summ Autumn is the season of mists and windy days.

The school year begins on the 1 st of September and in autumn children have autumn holidays. They can football, volley-ball, basket-ball if the weather is fine.

Autumn is the harvest time, the fanners gather fruit, and vegetables and children always help them. S people like to pick up mushrooms in the forests. There are four seasons in a year; each of them has the beauty of its own.


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