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My First Football Match


Sports have never interested me. I cannot explain why it is so: may be because, unlike most boys, I do not enjoy wearing dirty clothes and muddy boots. Clothes certainly cannot be neat and clean when one plays football or something. Or, more likely, it is because I am too lazy. I first got acquainted with football at games a year ago which was the first time I had to play. It so happened that some of the boys, who had never missed a game, were away, and the rest of our boys said that I was to play. I had no reason to refuse. And I did not want the boys to discover that I had never played football before. The first few game days were, to my delight, rainy ones, but I knew that one-day it would be fine. At that we had to change our clothes in one of the schoolrooms, and then walk tothe stadium in shorts and football shirts which were not very good, especially when the cold wintry winds blew. At playtime we went to change our clothes, and I put on my football shirt back to front. When I was ready, everyone made a fool of me. When the boys were teasing me, I tried to show I didn’t care much, but I had never felt so miserable in all my life.

We reached the stadium without any trouble, where first of all we had to race up and down the field. Of course, I was last. Then we were given position. I was left wing. It is easy when somebody tells you your position, but it is another matter to know where to stand. I had no idea where to stand; I did not have the courage to ask anyone. I tried every position before someone told me where to go. Everyone ran about the field, so I ran about after them. I kicked the ball, usually the wrong way, much to the delight of the other team. You can imagine the trouble I was in. I was happy when the game was over at last. That’s how I got acquainted with football. But now I play rugby and enjoy it.

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