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Canada occupies the whole of the northern part of the continent of North America (with the exception of Alaska, a state of the USA) and a number of islands, the biggest of which is Vancouver in the west. Canada has a total area of nearly 1 million square kilometres and one of the largest countries in the world. Canada is famous for its Great Lakes. Some of them it shares with the USA (Lake Superior, Erie, Ontario, Lake Winnipeg).

The Niagara Falls on the Niagara River are one of the most splendid sights in the world and attract   tourists from all countries.

Canada also has large rivers: the Mackenzie, the Yukon, the Fraser, the Colambia and some others.

The climate of Canada varies from Arctic climate in the North to moderate climate.

The Vikings discovered Canada more than a thousand years ago, but it was re-discovered by Europeans only in the 15th century. Canada became a British dominion in 1867 and since 1964 it has its own national flag and state emblem (the maple leaf).

More than 4 per cent of Canada’s population are of British origin and about 3 per cent are of French origin and about 3, are Eskimos and Indians. There are two official languages in the country — French and English. The most important towns in Canada are Ottawa, the federal capital, Monreal, Toronto, Vancouver and others. Canada has coal, metal, oil, gas. The metal, machine-building, chemical, hydro-electric industries are highly developed. Canada’s agriculture and fisheries provide material for food industries: wheat, milk and meat products, and fish. Its large ports (Vancouver, Quebec, Monreal) are centres of export of canned meat and fish, furs, timber, metals, paper, machines to many countries. The provinces of Quebec, British Colambia with their great forests supply wood for building, furniture and the production of paper.


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