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Стилистический анализ текста: Agatha Christie «The Case of the Discontented Husband»


The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book «The case of the discontented husband» by Agatha Christie is written in the style of fiction.

This story is about Mr Wade, he was in trouble over his wife, who decided to solve his problem with the help of Mr Parker.

In the beginning of the text we can see a description of Mr Parker and we get to know that one of his greatest assets was his sympathetic manner, besides he was well acquainted with to kind of paralysis he used with his clients. Here the author uses clich? «to pave the way» to show us that he can influence on people in his own interests.

And on the one particular morning he accepted the new client, Mr Wade whom he deduced at once as an «articulate type». This epithet the author uses to show us that such kinds of people find it hard to put into words anything connected with emotions. And to prove it he even compare him with the «damp animal» this is comparison.

So Mr Parker advise his client to take a chance in situations when things go badly.

Really the things were in bad way with Mr Wade; he didn;t know what to do. To prove it the author uses colloquial structure «damned difficult».

But that was the sphere where Mr Pyne was a specialist. Because as he said he was a specialist in every kind of human trouble. He classified them into a few main heads. And as the matter of fact he has hit it. He has hit it absolutely.

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