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A person whom I would like to talk with


A person whom we choose to talk with characterizes us. Somebody prefer chatting or listening, somebody needs advice or wants to solve world problems. I don»t have an aim to solve any world question. I don»t deal with politics. I don»t try to change something in the economic situation. I am an ordinary person. I have usual dreams. I have my own ideals, world-view and individual interests. I am interested in people, especially in their fates. There are a lot of people with whom I would dream to meet and talk one on one, to ask them many questions and probably to take an advice.

But there is the only man whose fate I am interested in. Her name is Dana International. I don»t know how to address this person, a man or a woman?! Dana International is a popular Israeli singer. She is a transsexual who has won Evrovision-1998 with her song “Diva”. Before changing her sex she had a name Yaron Koan. He was born in an unwealthy family in the suburb of Tel-Aviv. In his childhood Yaron liked playing with girls and used dolls as toys. Perhaps he had the basis of his transsexuality in his childhood. In spite of the fact that many boys play with dolls and girls play with cars and soldiers, it is not a reason for changing the sex.

He was busy with music when he was 8 years old. Then Yaron studied at school well but internal contradictions were insufferable. He started to get worse marks but his popularity in night clubs increased. A sixteen-year-old man began singing in the clubs redressing into bright woman clothes. Today I would ask Dana many questions about it. Did he have a dream to be a girlin his childhood? Why? Why did he consider that to be a girl was better than a boy? I would like to discuss this problem with his parents. Did not they notice that their child had deviation in his behavior? Why did not they visit a psychologist or any doctors? It could be prevented but changing the sex was at Yaron and his parents» wills. Maybe, they wanted to have a girl.

In 1993 he made the most important action in his life. He went to England to change the sex. His sister Limor with whom he shared his secrets in the childhood and his parents easily accepted this new. I don»t understand how a person can decide to do it. A person had been living as a man for 20 years and suddenly he turned over a new leaf. It is very interesting and mystery story.

Yaron changed his name to female name Sharon. And Sharon Koan came to life singing under her pseudonym Dana International. After rehabilitation period her first album “Dana International” appeared and became gold. What fantastic consequences are after changing the sex! He became popular and needed. He could achieve nothing. He could live as all ordinary people, study, work, have a rest and entertain. But he could not have a family because of his deviation.

In may 1998, Dana took the first place in the Eurovision and got 172 points. After her victory she became a full-fledged international superstar. Dana released a lot of albums. Her songs became hits. It seemed that Yaron knew changing the sex caused his success in his career.

I think Dana International is one of the most peculiar, bright and interesting characters of show-business and in the world. If we met we would have a lot of topics to discuss. In my opinion this person is without complexes and has nothing to hide. I am similar to her and that is why we would find common grounds. Moreover, Dana has a good command of the Russian language.

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