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Каково быть мной в данную минуту? – What is it like to be me now?


What is it like to be me? It is a good question. And I think you can get a good answer. Now I have teaching practice at school. I am not exactly sure if I want to be a teacher of English language. I like children as well but sometimes they scream a lot. Today I will have lessons of English language and I am exciting about it now but I do not like to make lesson plans. It is so boring. Every time it is like to be me differently because I am human-being and change my mood. After today teaching practice I plan to go to English Club. It is not far away from my house. Brandon is a volunteer of Peace Corps. In English Club we have some fun activities which I like so much. A few hours ago I read stories of people who were in the United States of America on program Work and Travel. It is so

Amusing. While I was reading the stories, I was imaging that I was there. Those articles are motivated and inspired me to do my best. Finally, I want to say “Thank” to City Guilds that you give me an opportunity to take part in your International Essay Competition. You help me to develop and improve my writing skills and imagination. Right now I am thinking and writing about my thoughts. Thank so much.

I do not know about what to write exactly but I am doing it now. It is the last essay which is called “What is like to be me now?” because the International Essay Competitions is getting over for a couples hours. It is sad because over two months I have written essays and soon it will be over. But tomorrow will be spring. It is a time when everything is coming alive. Now In Taldykorgan where I am living, the sun is shinning brightly and I have a good mood. Have fun in spring time because it is time when you become as a newborn.

So do I!!! Good luck!!!

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