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Моя профессия – My profession


There are many profession in the world. They are:doctors, painters, sculptures, teachers and others. Every man is an architect of his own fortunes. After sсhool I want to enter the university. I am going to be a translater of English. I must take examinations on History, English and Russian. As I want to be an interpreter I have to work twice as hord as ordinery pupil. Thet, s why I take preparety couses on English.

I know the proverb:Never do things by halves. I like this profession very much! I absolutely disagree with young girls who get married after school. That, s the way how to look at it. The life is long and you must be ready to everythihg. That is whyif you have a good profession you may overcome all difficultes.

My parents advise me to choose this profession because English

Language is popular in the world. I want to travel everywhere in the word. This is a very good and high paid job. I can work abroad and in foreign company. I can practice my language. This profession is very difficult. To comunicate with people in foreign language. A profession of an interpreter is popular and important in our days. I must work with people, learn traditions of foreign countries, foreign literature. I improve my English, reading English leterature, translating sentences from Russian into English, learning new words and expressions.

I go to my dream every day!!! I know the proveb: No pains, no gains .

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