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Моя заветная мечта – посетить Великобританию – Visiting Great Britain is my treasured dream


The biggest dream in my life is to visit the UK. I`d like to stay in countries such as England, Scotland and Wales. London is the capital of England and there are many sights such as the Thames, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, etc. Britain is an amazing country. It hasn`t contact with the European mainland. Britain is an island in the sea. Previously believed, that Britain was the mightiest sea power. I think that now it`s still the same. Of course, Britain is not the only great power. Do not forget about such powers as France, Russia and the United States, but the United Kingdom, on my opinion, is the best of all.

A lot of tourists come in Britain, as in many civilized countries. There are many cognitive museums and attractions in England. A lot of migrating people often come in the UK from all over Europe, because they can get a very good education there. There are the most famous universities such as Harvard University, Oxford and Liverpool universities.

But in each country there are pluses and minuses. Plus, for example, in Russia is that it`s a huge parcel of land in the country, in the fact that people are always united and they have a Russian soul. But there are drawbacks. The downside is that mass unemployment goes in Russia. In Russia, more than in other countries alcohol is consumed. Similarly, this situation is in the UK. There are pluses and minuses. But despite this, my biggest dream in life remains the same, to go to the UK and possibly studying there.

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