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My school


At the age of 6 or 7 boys and girls go to school. I go to school too. The number of my school is 1226. It is one of the oldest schools in Lefortovo. Our school was built in 1944. At first there was a Woman gymnasia. Later it became social school for boys and girls. And the school changed its number to 11. Some subjects were studied in English such mathematic, geography and physics. And now the number of our school is 1226. but in English we study painting, British studies, English and American literature. Our school has 4 floors. On the ground floor there is gum, a canteen, a large assembly hall. Also there are two classrooms: for junior pupils and for senior pupils, and a Deputy Director Room. Classrooms for junior pupils are situated on the first floor. On the second floor there are

English rooms in the main and a staff room, biology and mathematic classrooms, the school library and a computer class. There are well-equipped chemistry and physics labs on the third floor. I go to school five days a week. Classes begin at half past eight in the morning. Each lesson last for forty minutes. Every day we have 7 or 8 lessons. The lessons are over at 10 minutes past three in the afternoon. We usually have a lot of homework and it takes me several hours to do it. Sometimes I have to sit up to write a composition, to prepare a report or to learn poem by heart. After classes many pupils don`t go home right away. We have out-of-classes activities. We have guitar club, choir and others. I take part in the volleyball club. My favorite subject is Russian. I like to learn new rules and to write compositions. I like it when we discussed something interesting to us. I like my class. I always felt a home there. I am at good terms with my classmates and we often spend out free time together.

School is the traditional place for acculturating children into our national life. In the modern age, the role assigned to our schools is to prepare children for the literate public culture. Some students like school, others don`t; but they all study for eleven years and gain knowledge by doing different tasks. For students who are doing well in most subjects and who want to get higher education, school is an attractive place. But those who are not successful at school, and who are always pressed by teachers and their parents, school is boring and uninteresting.

My school is very big and not very old with its traditions. It is named after V. V. Mayakovski. On the ground floor there are several classrooms of English for the Primary school and workshops, a cloakroom and a canteen, a library and a headmaster office. There are a lot of interesting books in the library. In the library there are many portraits of famous Russian writers on the walls. Our school has two PT classrooms. One of them is situated on the underground floor. This PT classroom is smaller than another one, which situated between the ground and underground floor. This PT classroom is very useful for our students. And in our canteen room we always buy very tasty cakes.

So what kind of school must be the school of my dream?

I dream to study at the evening beach school. It will be situated on the sea beach around an open area that can be seen from almost every floor. In school of my dreams must be lifts or moving staircases. The lessons will start at 4 p. m. and last till 8 p. m. During the breaks the pupils will swim in the sea and during the lessons they will have an opportunity to sunbath while learning the lessons. The school cafeteria will serve fruits, juices and non-alcoholic refreshing cocktails. If it is chilly outside the lessons will be conducted in the special beach bungalows. Every day after the lessons it will be a party till the dawn with the most popular DJ`s. Then pupils can sleep till 4 o`clock in the afternoon, then their lessons

Will start.

I think that’s impossible, because I want everything at once, but I know that it does not happen.

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