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The history of International organization the City and Guilds


The City and Guilds has been founded in 1878, which the main purpose was to establish a national system of technical education in the UK. The first exams were held in cotton manufacture, steel manufacture, gas manufacture, wool dyeing, alkaline manufacture, telegraphy and qualitative blowpipe analysis.

But the organization went out on a new level in 9 years. The first international examination was held in New South Wales, Australia. And in 1900 year the City and Guilds were recognized as a part of the constitution and national life of the UK.

The City and guildswas business as usual during the World War II, with only one examination cancelled in six years of conflict. The examinations were held and for prisoners of war in German.

And during several tens of years The

City and Guilds leaves one of the leading examination centers of all over the world, which recently has celebrated 130-th anniversary.

The regional International Certification Centre of British Examination Council the City and Guilds has worked in Kaliningrad region since 1998. The main ways of working of the centre is to instruct for foreign languages, preparation and providence international examination of English, as foreign language.

The instruct on courses of English are lead in 7 levels: 0 (preparing level), А1 Preliminary, А2 Access, B1 Achiever, B2 Communicator, C1 Advanced, C2 Mastery; and the courses for pupils are lead in 4 levels.

The International Certification Center in Kaliningrad sea-fishing college is the one of the approval regional center of the City

And Guilds.

In my view passing examination foreign language on certification is very important in our time. In fact the knowledge of foreign language is appreciated and welcomed in many companies.

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