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Эмо-Кидс – Emo-Kids


I would like to share my thoughts on youth subcultures such as emo. After reading the book by Anton Soya Emo boy” some thoughts came to my head. This book could offend everyone. I would like to submit my attitude to the emo and my attitude to the people’s actions to emo. I don’t belong to people with this lifestyle. I am a simple girl.

Emo movement is fashionable today. Teens change the style of emo, not knowing essence of this style. Perhaps, for some, emo are cute. They are like dolls. I think that all the pain came from the fact that this style became fashionable. It outshines other movements, and therefore draws attention to itself.

Emo originated from the word emotional . Emo as a term was coined by the leader of the American hardcore band «Minor Threat» Ian MacKaye. According to him emo – just an emotional outburst lyricism of confession in a brutal song. First emo desired positive lifestyle. Image streytedzh. Streyteydzh just created Ian MacKaye. Emo is a movement where there are pain, tears and sadness. Previously, it was different. Suicide was the treat emo, don’t know why. Thoughts about death, suicide attempts, cut the vein. I think it hasn’t sense. Previously it didn’t exist. People were simply servants of their emotions. They didn’t keep them in theirself, and showed them. They were normal people. The best emotions were positive. People are hunted for the good emotions and feelings. But not for bad emotions.

Meet: emo’s image. Girls: funny pigtails, plaid skirt, black and pink striped socks and sneakers. Boys: black and pink striped shirt, pants, pipes, sneakers. They have a postman’s bag. They use different accessories: badges, lovely pendants, hairpins, a Palestinian black-and-pink-checked, camelot. Hair style cascade-ladder-cap. Dye their hair mostly black. Slash fringe covers half of face. Cosmetics. Black eyeliner is required as the girls, and among the guys. Black lacquer must be. Emo does piercing. Most of the lip, eyebrows, nose, nose. I think it is overkill. Puncture in these places isn’t safe. You can touch a nerve. Or there is the opportunity to get wounds because there isn’t hygiene.

Music. It is pretty sweet. Music melody, lyrics soul. Most songs about hopeless love. Lyrics were added such as screaming” in emo-style. It translates to English as cry . It dosn’t make emo music pleasing to the ear. For example there are groups such as My Chemical Romance, Origamy, Amatory, Bring me the horizon, 30 second to marc and many others.

Emo – are the same people as we are. We are individual, so we are different. We listen different music, we carry out different ways of life, we have different opinion. I don’t agree that we must hate emo. Pushkin said: learn to control yourself. Can’t do that, why would you don’t want to happen to you. They(emo) also don’t want. I want to say that you infringe their rights. We live in Russia. Constitution is our common set of laws. It applies to everyone.

Let us behave like we want to treat us. White Raven doesn’t happen. There are different people and different opinions. I expressed my personal opinion.

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