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AIDS is not a sentence


Epidemic of the 20 th century or 20 century murderer so-called virus of which there is no salvation, human immunodeficiency virus. Initial stage of HIV-AIDS. AIDS-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Virus entering the blood of man, kills the active ingredients that combat germs and infections, thereby gradually destroying immunity rights, and the body becomes unable to protect themselves. If the body can not maintain normal with the help of medicine, the disease passes into the stage of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. There are many myths where and how the virus emerged. The truth is still unknown. First diagnosed with HIV was raised 10-year boy from California, which simply got cold and his immune system failed to cope with the infection.

HIV is transmitted in three ways: sexually, through blood and vertical – from mother to child. The virus is in the secretions of our body and blood, so sexual contact of a healthy partner`s risk of infection is very high-98%, through the blood can be infected only if infected blood got into the blood of a healthy person, this can happen if several people use one syringe (that»s why drug addicts become infected more offten), using unsterilized instruments for piercing can although be the reason of infection. The lowest percentage of infection – vertical.

It is also important to know that HIV is not transmitted: with a kiss, with a handshake, with the common use of household items, with a hug, by airborne droplets. HIV is still not a sentence, so to HIV positive people should be treated with humanity. AIDS-a disease of which have not yet found the cure, but technology and discoveries in science and medicine offer hope that the problem will be solved. You shouldn»t fear the HIV – infected people. It is safe to talk with these people, they have the same rights as everybody. They can live, work, create a family without a risk to others. A person can live a full life with HIV, most important to maintain their body medicine and lead a healthy lifestyle.

We must remember that no one is safe from this disease, and the right way to not to be at risk of infection is, to have the information about how the virus is transmitted. Volunteer groups are created for this aim. Volunteers are people, mostly teenagers, who provide free assistance to others. Firstly they been trained, where they learn useful information about the virus and then they transmit it to their peers, relatives and friends. Everyone should maintain correct and healthy lifestyle to be safe.

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